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Rock Delivery Peoria IL

Crushed rocks after a Rock Delivery in Peoria IL

We Offer Rock Delivery in Peoria IL

When you are looking to spruce up your landscaping with decorative rocks and crushed gravel, it can be frustrating trying to figure out how you will get it all. You don’t want to go pick it up yourself, and your regular landscaper may not offer this service. For rock delivery in Peoria IL you can count on, come to Calicotte Inc. We specialize in rock deliveries of all shapes, sizes and colors.

This means we can accommodate any landscaping project, whether you need rock to line your walkway or patio, or you need crushed stone all-around your pool area. Our goal is to provide you with outdoor living options that last the test of time. From white to gray to brown and everything in between, we are your trusted providers of rock for residential homes. When you need rock delivery in Peoria IL that’s timely and dependable, we have the solution.

Who We Are

Calicotte Inc. is a family-owned and -operated business located in Central Illinois, proudly making deliveries and providing service for nearly three decades. We have vast experience in landscaping, concrete work, excavation, decking, snow removal and construction. Rest assured, we only use the highest quality materials to result in a high-quality job.

Rocks being poured down a slide, as a part of Rock Delivery in Peoria IL

Here’s a look at what we provide in addition to rock delivery in Peoria IL:

Benefits of Crushed Rock for Your Landscaping Needs

Crushed rock and granite make a great addition to any landscape. Here are some of its benefits:

  • A budget-friendly landscaping and paving material, ideal for projects that cover large areas.
  • Has a soft, natural look that fits any landscape well.
  • Easy to install as a do-it-yourself project.
  • It drains very well, so no need to worry about puddles in your yard, as it’s not a solid surface.
  • Easy to remove to make way for a new flower bed or garden feature.
  • Comes in many colors. The most common is a dark charcoal gray, but you can also choose from earthy tans or brown shades that blend in perfectly with a natural landscape.
  • Sets a rustic mood for any garden or landscape.

In addition to small and crushed stone, we also deliver larger rocks to complement your overall landscape design. Whatever you need, let us know. Our rock deliveries are seamless, on time and comprehensive. Let us know your schedule, and we will deliver it according to your needs.

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To learn more about our rock delivery in Peoria IL, contact us at 309-657-5775, email us at or fill out our online form.