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Excavation Company Peoria IL

An Excavation Company in Peoria IL digging out a portion of property

Trust Our Excavation Company in Peoria IL

If you are a residential homeowner and need some excavation work done, look no further than Calicotte, Inc. We have a growing fleet of heavy equipment that can solve many of your yard issues, offering a variety of excavation services. We can regrade and seed your yard, add and remove dirt, fix rain drainage issues, and remove large overgrown bushes and trees. Have another request? Just ask. Chances are, we can do it. Additionally, our reliable fleet of excavators and other machinery can ensure your job is done quickly and correctly. With us, you know you’re choosing the most trustworthy company possible. In addition to excavation services, we offer residential construction, concrete, excavation, landscaping and deck projects, as well as residential and commercial snow removal. This means you can hire us with confidence the next time you need an excavation company in Peoria IL.

What We Do

We are a versatile company offering many services to suit your needs and budget. Firstly, we’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years, established in 1994. Additionally, we are a proud family-owned and -operated business located in Central Illinois. Also, our team only uses high-quality materials and products to result in long-lasting services.

Our excavation services include:

  • Regrade and seed your yard
  • Add and remove dirt
  • Fix rain drainage issues
  • Remove large overgrown bushes and trees
  • Much more

Why You Need to Hire an Excavation Company

Excavation is the process of moving earth (soil, dirt, or stone) from one location to another. There are many reasons why you may need to hire a company like us.

Large machinery as part of an Excavation Company in Peoria IL
  • Permit Navigation and Project Management
  • Residential Home and Garage Demolition
  • Drainage Services
  • Seepage Pit Installation
  • Underground Oil Tank Scan and Removal
  • Demolition and Removal Services
  • Snow Removal

There are three main reasons an excavation company is needed for your home project:

  • To secure a foundation: In constructing a building or home, contractors have to dig up the soil and make a land opening big enough for a concrete foundation. After the concrete installation is created, the opening will have to be refilled.
  • As part of environmental cleanup: When solving environmental issues that may end up in contaminated earth, excavators have to get rid of the problematic soil resulting from a leaking underground storage tank. Many of these tanks contain hazardous contents that harm the surrounding area.
  • For line and pipe installation and repair: If your property’s water line is leaking, excavation will allow for access to the buried line. You may have to dig up the ground to repair pipe leaks or install a new water line or pipe.

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