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Dirt Delivery Peoria IL

A pile of dirt in a yard after a Dirt Delivery in Peoria IL

We Provide Dirt Delivery in Peoria IL

As part of our landscaping services, we provide dirt deliveries to homes throughout Peoria IL. Perhaps you’re reseeding your lawn, or maybe you’re creating a garden. Maybe you’re leveling off your yard and need extra dirt to make sure it’s graded properly. Whatever the case, look to us for dependable dirt delivery in Peoria IL. Calicotte, Inc. specializes in dirt deliveries of all sizes, whether you need one truck full or several. We are the ones to get the job done right. Calicotte Inc. is a family-owned and -operated business located in Central Illinois, proudly making deliveries and providing service for nearly three decades. We have vast experience in landscaping, concrete work, excavation, decking, snow removal and construction. Let us accommodate any landscaping project, giving you outdoor living options that last the test of time. We are your trusted providers of dirt for residential homes. So, when you need dirt delivery in Peoria IL, we have the solution.

What Can You Use Dirt For?

There are many ways your landscape can benefit from fresh dirt, delivered right to your door.

  • Fill Holes: If you have sinkholes in your landscape, close them up by filling them with landscaping dirt.
  • Elevate Flowerbeds: Use dirt to created elevated or “raised” flowerbeds. By increasing the height of your flowerbed, you create a more prominent appearance that defines your home’s landscape.
  • Create Berms: These are mounds of dirt, soil, compost or other materials to conceal unwanted but necessary items in your yard. Let’s say you have a utility station or well pump cover in your landscape. You can use dirt to create a berm, so no one sees it.
  • Add Around Trees: Dirt provides trees with additional nutrients, plus it encourages moisture retention. You can also create a base layer around your trees, then top it off with mulch. Dirt helps mulch stick to the ground, so it doesn’t blow or wash away in bad weather.
  • Create Compost: If you have a compost bin, mix it with dirt, as compost needs both “greens” and “browns” to function best. When you mix soil with fruit and vegetable peelings, you get a nutrient-rich food that stimulates grass and plant growth.
A truck dropping off dirt for a Dirt Delivery in Peoria IL

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